The Phoenix Weekly Schedule

Ready to PLAN

 your week like a Phoenix?

Are you a Phoenix?

A Phoenix is a woman who is leaving what doesn't serve her behind.

Letting it burn and then rises from the ashes stronger, more powerful, more aligned, and all of the amazing things to help her create the most successful business she could ever dream of.


is it important to Plan your Week, you ask?


As a self-employed mom of two girls, I believe in the value of planning.  I plan my days and weeks carefully to include time for my family, business, and my health. This allows me to create and enjoy a healthy balance of work and play.


It's a way to organize your day to day and keep an overview of your short term plans, by doing the right things, focusing your energy on what matters and reaping benefits from that.


Planning your time and making sure you work on the right things:

Makes you more Productive.

Helps you with your work-life Balance.

Teaches you when to say “No”.

And makes sure you know What’s Going On while having dozens of other small tasks demanding your attention.

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Hi There

I'm Rachel

I work with female entrepreneurs, like you, who are ready to rise in your business, by releasing what no longer serves you.

I help you take action, as well as, fully align with your energy and your value.

So you can be more powerful, truly ready to be that action taker, believe in yourself, believe in your business, and serve!