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Rachel Peulen taught students with severe to profound cognitive impairments for 15 years and she was nothing short of inspired and amazed by her students. She then moved into educational administration, where she sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury that took her out of the educational field. One day, one child in crisis, and one call to action had changed the trajectory of Rachel's life.

Receiving a Traumatic Brain Injury led Rachel to endure many challenges and hurdles. She has been consumed by an invisible injury, that led her to having to deal with people not understanding why she was not “all better,” when she looked fine on the exterior.

Rachel  felt an indescribable period of loneliness, while wondering if she would ever see a light at the end of the tunnel. She had to come to terms with the fact that she is no longer the same person she was and had to essentially mourn the death of who she was, so she could press on.  Now, as she continue to heal, she am able to help people again and has found a new purpose.

Rachel had finally come to see a light in the tunnel. She was being reborn, like that of a Phoenix rising from the ashes of its former self, as a work in progress, trying to figure out who this new her was. Even with triumphs and setbacks, she no longer allowed this disability to control her. Rachel had taken the time to dig deeply from within, to positively rebuild and become realigned on her own journey of self-discovery. 

Through this continued process, she has found new ways to continue to educate and help people, now through being a mindset business mentor.  Rachel has been able to carry on with her love of helping and teaching others, while changing women's lives on the daily.

Rachel is so proud of the work she has been able to do in the online space and loves to watch, teach, and guide her clients through their own journey of self-discovery, as they strengthen their inner selves, while expanding their business.

Rachel found a new purpose within an unfortunate situation and is blessed to have the opportunity to be an entrepreneur and mentor amazing women, who are worthy of unlimited greatness.

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