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Become Emotionally Unstuck

Are you ready to finally feel joy and move forward without past baggage?

If you feel lost, trapped or disconnected—in your work life, your relationships with friends and family members, or wherever else such feelings show up for you—it’s possible that old wounds are interfering with how you experience the world.

Consider that your inner child may be trying to tell you about an earlier experience that left deep emotional wounds.

If you took the time to write out your deepest fears,

they might look a lot like this - and that's big trouble.

Drama Queen

You are constantly feeling like you need to be calm and mask your emotions. On the outside, you try to be a calm, rational person with a tight lid on all those churning feelings.
But that lid is getting tighter and tighter.

Shame On You

You are stuck on what feels like the merry-go-round from hell, making the same mistakes over and over. You feel like  you are not living up to your potential and not being the person you know you could be and want to be.

Ugly Duckling

You feel like the unwanted ugly duckling, crushed by a million raging voices calling you unworthy.
That feeling spreads to every aspect of your life. It’s exhausting and shameful.

Mini Tyrant

You don't feel worthy of love or success.
You tend to people-please, hoard, are a mini-tyrant, and quit when things get difficult.
You're stuck in a place where you feel deprived and incomplete.

Your are not alone

Identity & Selfhood

You may have been asking yourself a lot of questions lately. Who am I? What do I like? What don't I like? How do I identify? Who are the people around me?
It's not always easy to find your place in this world. There are so many people asking exactly the same questions, and it can feel overwhelming.


You may have felt pressure to take on an identity that doesn't fit you, just to please those around you, or maybe you were shunned or shamed for attempting to come into who you are. Your identity and sense of self are vital if you want to create meaningful relationships in life.


Worthiness & Equality

We are born equal, and we are born worthy. But somewhere along the way, we learn that our worth is dependent on something outside ourselves: accomplishments, appearance, material items—or even hiding ourselves.

When you believe this, it's easy to feel like you are less than everyone else.

If you've ever felt like you were less than others—or tried to make other people feel like they were less than you, so you could feel better about yourself—you know how important it is to realize that we're all equal. And nobody is better or worse than anyone else!


We all need support. We were born that way. We exist as a species because we work together. Collaboration and mutual support is the fabric of our survival. So how do we learn to ask for the support that we need, and provide help when we can?

It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

You must learn that your needs are valid, and that it’s okay to ask for support when you need it—and also to give it when you can. If you develop a solid sense of autonomy and freedom, then this give-and-take becomes possible without losing yourself in the process.

If you could talk to your inner child, what would they say?

If they could share the wounds they've been carrying for you, what would that look like?

What if you could get to the root of these wounds and begin the healing process?

As an Inner Child Energy Healer, I help you do just that. I guide you on a journey to places  you may have forgotten about or  have  suppressed deep within the shadows of your subconscious. I help you create a dialogue with your inner child, allowing this part of you to share their experiences and the trauma you've endured. Being open to this and allowing yourself to lean into how it has and continues to affect you, will help you release and heal from the experience.  

Becoming aware of the wounds that your inner child has carried is an important first step towards healing yourself. You can no longer continue to ignore these wounds; they have a way of showing up in your life in ways that affect every aspect of your happiness and health. 

The Story

There is so much more to life than the humdrum, ordinary and everyday.

Each moment you are alive is a spiritual adventure, even if you don't realize it. 

Rather than growing old, why not grow up?

Growing up means knowing that each moment of life can be an adventure in soul-full living.

Why be ordinary when you can choose to be extraordinary?

The Problem

We all want to be a better version of ourselves — happier, healthier, more successful and more open to living a joyful and fulfilling life.

Unfortunately, many of us get derailed by big or little fears that we need to overcome.

The Solution

You know that feeling of being a kid and doing something for the first time? You were so excited, full of wonder, and you just couldn’t wait to try it again. That’s what inner child work is all about. You get to reconnect with a part of yourself that’s been hidden away for too long: your inner child. Your inner child is the source of your passion, creativity and wonder — the things so many of people crave as adults. And, even more importantly, it’s the source of your deepest needs, emotions, and feelings — the foundation you need in order to be the fullest, healthiest version of yourself.

Inner child work can restore the part of you that felt free and unafraid to fail at one point in time. A powerful question to get yourself thinking is, “What would I do if I wasn't worried about what other people would think?” The sad truth is that you let these voices drown out your own inner voice and you lose sight of what you want for yourself.

We all have an inner child, but most people don't even know it exists because society doesn't allow us to express it. This is why it's so important to restore that part of yourself. You have a voice, and it needs to be heard. When you learn how to listen to your inner child and give that part of yourself what it needs, you can start living the life you've always wanted.

How do you benefit?

Break the cycle

Imagine if  you could break free from these cycles so that you can take back control over your life, no matter what challenges stand between where you are now and where you want to go. Imagine what it would be like to be the main character of your life.

Inner peace

Imagine if you could be free from the web of pain and anxiety. Having a plan that will allow you to increase your self-worth, get you comfortable with freely expressing yourself in a healthy way and find inner peace with your life decisions.

Safe Space

Imagine having a safe space for you to explore yourself, where you can come to terms with your past and learn about your innermost feelings. Find out who you really are, so that you can put those discoveries into action in the real world and share your gifts.

Coping ability

Imagine having the ability to cope with uncertainty. Become less triggered by stressful events in your current life. Suffer less, and to deeply bond with you inner child. Clear and resolve unfinished emotional business from the past. 


Imagine being able to embody your emotional intelligence so that you can access your intuition enough to navigate the problems in your life. Set healthy boundaries and become less codependent, more self-reliant, and discerning of the people your invite into your life.

trauma to triumph

Imagine finding what brings you joy and pleasure. Increase intimacy, experience more passion and pleasure, turn trauma into triumph, and leave the past behind so you can have more freedom and opportunities

Introducing 1:1 Beta Healing Sessions

I'm excited to embark on this journey, and I would love the opportunity to offer beta-testing sessions to further grow and explore my healing abilities. 

I believe that I have developed a unique set of skills that are designed to help people heal their inner child wounds.

My sessions are deeply relaxing, yet they also provide a strong sense of well-being that lasts long after the session has ended.

"A child who does not play is not a child, but the man who does not play has lost forever the child who lived in him."
— Pablo Neruda

Are you ready to let go?

Let go of painful memories that keep you from enjoying your life and fearing what will come next. Learn how to find happiness in what you have now, instead of wishing for more. Master top strategies for overcoming stress, anxious thoughts and sadness by making small changes every day!

Stop making assumptions about what others are thinking of you, and stop comparing yourself to other people. Break the habit of self-deprecation, and feel accepted for who you really are. Start taking care of yourself and your needs.  Become more assertive in your communication with others, and learn how to say no when necessary.

Overcome your fear of being abandoned, rejected or betrayed by anyone—including family members and friends. Learn how to let go of your need for approval from others, which will allow you to become more independent and self-sufficient. Overcome your fear of being alone—so that spending time with yourself is something to look forward to and not feared.

Learning how to be empathetic and nurture trust in a relationship can help you form strong bonds with friends, partners or family members. You will learn what emotions are appropriate for different relationships and the effects of controlling another person's feelings on that individual’s mental health.

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They say

" If you are looking for somebody who will truly support YOUR visions and dreams and has your best interest at heart, Rachel is your mentor! She is kind, warm-hearted, has a fantastic ability to rephrase the most muddled thoughts into clear statements, will dive deep with you to uncover the hidden treasures within you."

Monika Korba-Zajic

" I’m so grateful I’m in tears. This is the start to a new identity. I am a Phoenix.

Thank you, just your energy was enough to help motivate me to know it's all possible with some effort."

Dana Acy

"For my mindset, Rachel has me implementing very simple but effective strategies for creating a good mindset and for cultivating that. Rachel helps me pull myself out of a funk once I've gotten into it because I'm really good at getting myself into a funk. She's taught me how to identify a funk, when it's coming, and has shown me hot to avoid it completely.  It's not complicated. Rachel doesn't make it complicated.  She has quick action steps to take, like take five deep breaths.

I really appreciate how Rachel shows up. She doesn't try to keep it super polished. She doesn't put on a persona. That's very permission giving.  I can be all over the place and scatterbrained but I can still show up and do the things even when I'm a hot mess.  Rachel always gives me permission to be me."

Amanda McKannon

I used to be a mindset business coach.

After spending three years helping women create growth and success within their businesses, I've walked away from coaching entirely.

Why? Because it wasn't my calling! It never felt quite right, no matter how hard I tried to make it work for me.

Coaching was great—professionally speaking—but there were always moments when I realized that this wasn't what I was meant to do. Intuitively, it just never quite felt right for me.

I finally unerstood why: because being a healer is my destiny! I've been helping my clients heal past wounds without even realizing it.

They needed someone to help them go deep inside themselves so they could find what the crux of their problems truly was—which brings them to the shadows of their subconscious. That's where they have repressed thoughts and emotions from traumatic experiences that are affecting them on a day-to-day basis.

That's why so many people are turning to healers, because they need someone who can guide them through their own healing process. It's not enough to just have a therapist tell you what to do; they need someone who can show them how to do it on their own.

As a healer, I can help them release those emotional bonds and move on with their lives. It's what I was born to do.

"In every real man, a child is hidden that wants to play."
—  Friedrich Nietzsche

What does inner child energy healing look like?

A Different Perspective

It's important to understand the ways in which your inner child was shaped by the experiences you had as a youth. You can then begin to consider how those same factors might be influencing the choices and actions of your adult self.

You can learn to see the world through your inner child’s eyes, as though you were an adult looking back on something that happened in childhood. This perspective will allow you to understand how your younger self coped with difficult circumstances by making certain choices and taking certain actions—and why those same strategies might not work for a grown-up version of yourself.

Understanding Your Energy Type

Understanding your energy type can help you understand what drives and inspires you, as well as what drains or stresses you out. The more you know about yourself, the better able you are to meet your needs. The key to understanding your energy type is awareness. By becoming aware of how your body responds to different stimuli, you understand yourself and your reactions more.

Identify Societal Beliefs and Behaviours

We have all adopted certain beliefs and behaviours that are rooted in societal or familial expectations; by understanding this, we can identify the ways in which these assumptions have shaped us.  When these beliefs and behaviours have been identified, we can begin the process of questioning them and moving towards a more authentic way of being.

Align With Your Life Purpose

Aligning with your life purpose can help you gain insight into what makes you tick. Doing so will lead to a feeling of fulfillment and meaning in life, which can aid healing from past traumas. When we feel at ease in our own skin, we become more comfortable interacting with others and connecting with them on a deeper level. We also become more confident in our abilities, which helps us overcome any concerns or inhibitions about reaching out for help or making changes.

Honour Your Needs

Accept the importance of honouring and meeting your own psychological, emotional and spiritual needs. This is because doing so can help to heal emotional wounds from the past. Emotional wounds from the past can have a big impact on how we live our lives. We think of ourselves as being happy, but are actually holding onto deep-seated pain that we haven't dealt with. This can lead to feelings of unhappiness, resentment and anger towards others, which can be difficult to let go of.

Signs Of a Wounded Inner Child

Inner child wounds can make life feel chaotic, hard to navigate, and confusing.

Sometimes it feels like you’re lurching from one crisis to another, without a clue how to fix things. Other times, you’re just feeling stressed out and exhausted by all the ways your inner child is pulling you down.


Patterns of self-sabotage and immaturity are common in adults who have experienced abuse or trauma, because they have a hard time trusting others and making good decisions.

Burnt out

Difficulty explaining your feelings or why you’re upset can point to a wounded inner child who doesn’t feel safe enough to express herself. Feeling burnt out and fearing change is another sign.


Big reactions to unmet needs are another sign of a wounded inner child—she may act out in ways that aren’t appropriate for the situation at hand, or she may hold onto things that aren’t helpful for her growth.

toxic people

Toxic or abusive relationships are one of the most common ways we see this manifest: when we don't know how to take care of ourselves, we end up taking care of people who aren't sure how to do it themselves.

You want to be free of inner hurts and fears, but you're not sure how.
Healing your wounded child within is the first step toward emotional health.

When a wounded inner child makes you believe you’re unlovable, unworthy, or somehow at fault,
it creates guilt, shame, and lack of self-worth that can further weigh you down.

On the other hand, when we avoid addressing our past hurts and feel alone with them,
they transform into behaviors destructive to ourselves and our environment.

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