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#1 The Client Attraction Guide

Start Attracting your 

Ideal Client Now!

Have you ever downloaded a guide or checklist to get more clients, and it's full of amazing tips like "You need to get clear on x, y and z" or " You should have super-human confidence,"

BUT it's got no actual steps you can take to get more clients???

Well, that is exactly WHY I put in the effort did my homework, and created my 15 client attraction secrets.

#2 The 30 Day Confidence Builder

An Entrepreneurs greatest outfit is their


When you are filled with confidence...

#1. You will be able to share your expertise and help your target audience solve real problems and pain points.
#2. Be the only YOU. Be real in everything you do to promote yourself and your business.
#3. Step out and share: Sharing your insights with relevant communities is another great way to brand yourself as an industry expert.

#3 The Ideal Client Avatar Workbook

Uncover Who Will Be Your Next

Ideal Client

Do you know WHO is the perfect person you could dream up to buy your product or services? 

"You could have the greatest product/service on earth, but if you’re trying to sell it to the wrong person—you’re never going to make any sales."

So, let’s move this item to the top of your business to-do list because you can’t move even one step further in your business until you nail this down.

#4 The Consistency Builder Strategy

My 9 Principles will help you be consistent in any area you seek to master and conquer.

Whether you’re seeking discipline and consistency in achieving your goals, being consistent in your start-up business, maintaining consistency in the habits that you want to develop, or you just want to be consistent in your life overall.

My 9 Key Principles To

Creating Consistency

#5 The Phoenix Weekly Schedule

Ready To Plan Your Week

Like A Phoenix?

Why it's Important to Plan your Week

As a self-employed mom of two girls, I believe in the value of planning.

My busy life puts me in the position where daily and weekly planning is essential to create enough time to spend with my family while still succeeding in my coaching business.

I plan my days and weeks carefully to include time for my family, business, and my health. This allows me to create and enjoy a healthy balance of work and play.

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