With my 9 Key Strategy

Throughout our lives

we stumble upon so many amazing ideas... 


We start new businesses, we meet new people, start new diets and go to great lengths to plan these ideas and relationships. 


But after the initial hype settles down, we often find it difficult to be consistent and stay in the flow.

Eventually, we end up quitting.


Let’s be real, consistency is a struggle for most people. And many who have the potential to achieve so much, never make it.

Why? Because they lack consistency.

A lack in


is a 


- unknown

My 9 Principles will help you be consistent in any area you seek to master and conquer.

Whether you’re seeking discipline and consistency in achieving your goals, being consistent in your start-up business, maintaining consistency in the habits that you want to develop, or you just want to be consistent in your life overall.

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Hi there 

I'm Rachel

I work with female entrepreneurs, like you, who are ready to step away from what is not serving you and fully step into your business.

With my help, you let go of what no longer serves you, you set it ablaze in your wake and release it.

You then rise from the ashes of your past, like a majestic Phoenix, stronger, more powerful, truly ready to take action, believe in yourself, believe in your business, and serve!