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I've had the pleasure of connecting with so many entrepreneurs and coaches and most of them share specific qualities that are vital for starting and growing a business. They are passionate, resilient, opportunity-driven, and risk-takers. But there is one quality that might hold the most influence over an entrepreneur’s success, and that is confidence.

Believe me, you're much more likely to launch your brand new program or effectively pitch a new client if you feel self-assured.

Most daily entrepreneur activities (product launches, client calls, going live, and sharing your value) require some level of confidence. 

If you want to "make it" in the online space, you must believe that you are worthy.

And that's why I'm sharing my CONFIDENCE BOOSTING CHECKLIST.


is an entrepreneur's best outfit.

Rock It

& Own It!

Gain the confidence you need in your business.

Gain the confidence you need in your business.

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Hi there

I'm Rachel

I work with female entrepreneurs, like you, who are ready to step away from what is not serving you and fully step into your business.

With my help, you let go of what no longer serves you, you set it ablaze in your wake and release it.

You then rise from the ashes of your past, like a majestic Phoenix, stronger, more powerful, truly ready to take action, believe in yourself, believe in your business, and serve!