Welcome to the true YOU!

Empowering female entrepreneurs to discover their true selves so they can stand in their power, be clear on their dreams and intentions, raise their vibration and manifest what they truly desire. 

Come on a journey of self-discovery with me.

Align with your true self by discovering the uniqueness that's waiting to be unleashed within you, so you stand apart from everyone else, find true core of your purpose and harness the power of your epic story.

This journey is for you if you need help to strengthen your inner self, grow your business, and you are looking to:

Ignite, re-ignite, and keep your inner flame lit.

Become your authentic self.

Unearth your best traits by bringing them to the surface.

Succeed with confidence.

Increase success--within your personal life & career.

Learn how to successfully take your business to the next level and beyond.

Create strategies that work for growth and prosperity.

Uncover ways of inspiring yourself and others.

Gain self-confidence & motivation.

Set goals.

Figure out who you are and where you want to be.

Bringing forth your hopes and dreams, so they can become your reality.

Hi there, I'm Rachel!

Intuitive Wealth Mentor

I help women, like you, discover what distinguishes you from everyone else - your unique inner power and creation of your frequency for wealth - so you can be and remain in the flow of abundance.

Your uniqueness is your greatest asset. If you don’t know what it is, how can you use it and how can you stand apart from everyone else? Through using my intuition, I help you find the most unique parts of you and teach you how to leverage them so you can serve others on a very high scale and create a frequency for riches.

I teach you how to create your own frequency for wealth and how to attract more wealth through your energy, intuition, and vibration, so that you can call in what you truly desire and create a thriving and wealthy business.  


the word itself says


- Audrey Hepburn

Let me help you build a profitable and successful online business...

Are you a female entrepreneur who's ready to create your own future?

Are you ready to find your voice & grow your authority?

Do you want to successfully launch & sell out your offers?

Are you ready to monetize & grow your personal brand and audience?

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Hi there, if you are ready to release what's not working in your business, set it ablaze, and rise from its ashes like a Phoenix...have a look at my coaching programs and courses.

If you are ready to find and let your inner uniqueness lead your business so you can create the frequency for wealth and have ongoing abundance for yourself....have a look at my coaching programs and courses.

If you are ready to take the next step to growing your business, getting clear on your goals and creating a motivated and focused mindset...have a look at my coaching programs and courses.

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